15 Best Zoos in Australia

15 Best Zoos in Australia - state by state Australian zoos are some of the best in the world and play a key role in saving endangered animals, meaning they are a great place to learn and experience these animals like never before. From state to state, we...

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Fraser Coast Family Holiday Guide

A Fraser Coast family holiday can take you from the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef to Hervey Bay, Maryborough, and the iconic Fraser Island. The Fraser Coast provides the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, beauty and fun.

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Can it really be easier to travel with boys?

5 reasons why it's easier to travel with boys Some would say it is too hard to travel with boys, so they try to avoid it at all costs. Boys are known for being loud, busy and boisterous which some would say is not a good combination when travelling. However we know...

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Perth Family Holiday Guide

Perth Kids - Your Ultimate Perth Family Holiday Guide For many Australians, Perth as a holiday destination is like travelling to another country. It’s a long way away and can be expensive to get there but we are here to tell you – it’s TOTALLY worth it....

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17 best places to see wildlife in Australia with kids

Australia is blessed with some of the most amazing wildlife in the world. From koalas, dolphins and penguins, to great white sharks, crocodiles and dingoes, the best animal encounters can be had in the wild. So where are the best places to see wildlife in Australia? Take a look at our top 15 destinations.

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Sunshine Coast Family Holiday Guide

Sunshine Coast Family Holiday Guide Do you really need a reason to pack up the kids and head to the Sunshine Coast? Just in case, here are a few to get you moving. There are over 100kms (yes, 100kms) of sandy, soft, sea-shelly beachy goodness to choose...

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Things to do Darling Downs with kids

Breathe deeply. The clean fresh air is exhilarating, right? Open your eyes. Really look around and take in the brightest blue skies and the rugged landscapes. Aaaaand, relax. Feel that city stress draining from your body. Ah, the serenity. The gloriousness of the Darling Downs is what rural escapes are made of.

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Your Guide to Melbourne for Kids

Cool Guide to Melbourne for Kids. Melbourne is a tantalising treat of a city to visit. It’s often hyped as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, and here’s why.

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Welcome to Travel with Boys, where we aim to give parents of boys the confidence, inspiration and resources to get out there and discover there is so much more to life than their to-do list. We are bringing the fun back into family trips, as we search for the best things to see, do, eat, stay and play around Australia and the world.

Thanks to the launch of our specially crafted guide and itinerary planner, MY GUIDE, you will be able to search, plan, save and book all your favourite attractions, food and accommodation in one place. The Gold Coast is the first destination to be rolled out and there are plenty more cities and regions to come as we make our way around Australia.

What’s so different about travelling with boys?

Well a lot of things really, especially when you bring a few of them along. Travel with boys is usually fast paced, noisy and not for the faint-hearted. Boys learn differently, communicate differently, and enjoy different things to their female counterparts. Boys often take bigger risks and love more action (cue the Band-aids and ER department), and need space to run and wrestle.

Don’t get us wrong, girls are going to love much of what we discover, but when we are searching for the best, then it’s only boys and their families we have in mind.

They’re only kids once, so let’s go make some memories!

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