11 things I wish I’d known before travelling with boys

If you could turn back time, what would you do differently? When it comes to taking day trips, road trips, interstate holidays or overseas adventures, we’ve had plenty of experience of the incredibly awesome and the downright disasters that can happen away from home when you’ve got boys.

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Best Gold Coast playgrounds for kids

Finding a great playground is like finding gold when you’ve got kids, so have we got a big pot of gold for you with our round up of the best playgrounds, Gold Coast style. We’ve got the low down on what you can see and do at these five Gold Coast playgrounds, insider tips, plus find out what’s nearby.

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Essential travel wardrobe for women – Autumn 2018

Stylish travel wardrobe ideas for your next getaway. Autumn can be a gorgeous time to travel, but is it going to be hot or is it going to be cold? These autumn basics will take you from day to night and back to day again – and you won’t pull a muscle from luggage overload.

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Best things to do in Death Valley in one day

The hottest place on earth is not somewhere you would think would be a must see on a USA road trip in summer, but a visit to Death Valley National Park in California is so extraordinary, it’s worth the stop. There are plenty of things to do in Death Valley in one day. Take a look.

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Get your viking on at the Scandinavian Festival Brisbane

Scandinavian Festival Brisbane 2018 What better way to spend a Sunday than finding your inner Viking at the Scandinavian Festival Brisbane on Sunday 9 September 2018. This free event is great fun for the whole family, bringing the best of Scandinavia to Brisbane. The...

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Your Guide to Adelaide with Kids

Adelaide was recently voted as the world’s fifth most liveable city and was in the top five must-see regions in the world. Yes, IN THE WORLD! So it’s true that you really need to visit it. We swear that you won’t regret visiting Adelaide with kids. Here is your guide on what to see, do and stay in Adelaide.

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Top 10 things to do in Toowoomba

See My City – Top 10 best things to do with kids in Toowoomba
If you are looking for some fresh mountain air, spectacular parks, vibrant street art, emerging foodie culture and events, then Toowoomba is well worth exploring.

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Canberra for Kids Visitor Guide

When you think Canberra, plenty of things come to mind, especially politicians and government. But there is way more to this city than political hot air, and so much to do in Canberra for kids.

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15 Family Travel Insurance Tips

Travel insurance can be hard to navigate and understand, so we’ve laid out our top 15 tips on how to save money, and what you need to look for in a family travel insurance policy.

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Welcome to Travel with Boys, where we aim to give parents of boys the confidence, inspiration and resources to get out there and discover there is so much more to life than their to-do list. We are bringing the fun back into family trips, as we search for the best things to see, do, eat, stay and play around Australia and the world.

Thanks to the launch of our specially crafted guide and itinerary planner, MY GUIDE, you will be able to search, plan, save and book all your favourite attractions, food and accommodation in one place. The Gold Coast is the first destination to be rolled out and there are plenty more cities and regions to come as we make our way around Australia.

What’s so different about travelling with boys?

Well a lot of things really, especially when you bring a few of them along. Travel with boys is usually fast paced, noisy and not for the faint-hearted. Boys learn differently, communicate differently, and enjoy different things to their female counterparts. Boys often take bigger risks and love more action (cue the Band-aids and ER department), and need space to run and wrestle.

Don’t get us wrong, girls are going to love much of what we discover, but when we are searching for the best, then it’s only boys and their families we have in mind.

They’re only kids once, so let’s go make some memories!

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