5 reasons why it’s easier to travel with boys

Some would say it is too hard to travel with boys, so they try to avoid it at all costs. Boys are known for being loud, busy and boisterous which some would say is not a good combination when travelling. However we know the truth and have revealed why boys are the best in the world to travel with.

1. Boys are easy to pack for

Boys don’t need a lot of clothes and accessories. They would prefer to wear their favourite shorts and t-shirt everywhere. There’s no need for accessories, lots of shoes, and multiple outfits for every day. This leaves you room to buy things while you’re away and store it in the boys’ bag, or makes it easy to get on a plane with carry-on luggage only. Either way, you win.

2. You save on gym fees

You don’t need to exercise while you’re on holidays with boys. You’ll get enough exercise running after them. No need to worry about cardio. You’ll get a great cardio workout each time they step onto the road without looking, or you find them climbing seriously high when they shouldn’t.

3. Keep toys to a minimum

You don’t have to take heaps of toys to keep them entertained. Boys are more than happy to turn the hotel room into a climbing fort and jumping castle, find the one and only puddle to make into a mud pit, turn a stick into a lightsaber and a broom into a horse. Not always ideal but at least they’re using their imagination!

4. Boys can and will wee anywhere

Their ability to wee while standing can be beneficial on the side of a busy highway when they can’t hold on any longer. You can give them privacy simply by opening two car doors. There’s no balancing act of squatting and holding clothes, meaning you too can stay dry (just be careful they don’t spin around to talk to you in mid stream!). If you’re outside the big cities in places like Australia and the USA, little boys weeing on the side of the road usually isn’t a problem, but please be aware public urination is illegal  or not culturally acceptable in some countries, even for kids.

5. Truly great at cuddles

The thing as mothers we love most about travelling with our boys is the cuddles. Just for a little while, we are their world. We are their love, their safety, their everything. All too soon they will be grown up and gone.

Travelling with our boys gives us the chance to hold their hands a little longer and to make some extraordinary memories.

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