Flying with boys

There is nothing better than the feeling you get as the plane’s wheels leave the ground and you take off to a new destination. However, when the plane levels out and everyone in the family realises you’re trapped in a huge piece of metal for a while, things can go downhill quickly.

If you’re looking for a full guide on what to take, what to do and how to make it through a flight with kids, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Long-haul Flights with kids over on our other website Trip Chiefs – Family Trips Made Easy.

Remember to take these six things on your next flight to change the way you fly for the better.

1. Always pack snacks

Whether you’re flying for one hour or one day, always pack snacks. You can never predict when the food trolley will come around or if anyone will want to eat what’s on offer. You also never know when your flight might be delayed. So bring plenty of snacks! Remember, fresh fruit and vegetables are often not allowed on planes.

2. Wipes are essential

You might think wipes are just for babies however when flying, wipes are good for everyone. If your luggage gets lost, your flight is delayed or someone spills their orange juice on you, wipes will come to the rescue and stop you from being sticky and stinky.

3. Pack a water bottle

Picture this. You’re all crammed in together, the drinks trolley has done the rounds and then there’s turbulence. It’s hard enough for adults to keep their drinks from spilling and even harder for kids. We find it’s better to take water bottles for the kids.

Now this part is really important. If you are flying internationally, take empty water bottles and once you pass customs and security, fill them up from a bubbler just before you get on the plane. If you are flying domestically, the restrictions on liquids are different, so you may be able to take a full water bottle. Please check with your airline or in Australia check TravelSECURE. If in doubt, just take them empty.

A water bottle with a filter is a fantastic addition when you’re travelling to ensure safe (or safer) drinking water. Take a look at this review of filtered water bottles by Where is the World.

4. Bring entertainment

How many families have been caught out thinking “the kids will just play the in-flight entertainment system the whole time”, only to discover when they board that the entertainment system is broken. For the sake of your sanity, pop some small things in the boy’s daypacks to keep them busy during the flight. Remember to bring their favourite cuddly toy onboard if they have one.

 5. Always take medication and essential toiletries on board

If your bag gets lost, it might be a major pain but if you’ve got the family medication and a few vital toiletries on board with you, there will be no need to panic. Remember, on international flights, there are restrictions on carrying liquids and aerosols. Travelling from Australia, all liquids, gels and aerosols must be in containers no bigger than 100ml. Don’t bring a half full 200ml container because they won’t let you through. Containers must be carried in only one transparent, resealable plastic bag that measures around 20cm x 20cm. As a carer, you can also carry one resealable bag with liquids for each of your children.

 6. Carry extras

If your plane gets delayed in the air or on the ground, you need to be prepared. If you have a baby, make sure you carry extra nappies, wipes and bottles. Always take a spare set of clothes for everyone. Sitting in wet, sticky or grubby clothes is never a good feeling. Throw in a few extra wipes and snacks and you should be sorted.

We hope this helps your flight go a little smoother.

Happy flying!