About Travel with Boys

Travel with Boys aims to give families with boys the inspiration, knowledge and resources to travel more and to make it easier. Whether you want to go around the world or around the block, we are striving to become your go-to place for travel with boys.

We want to help families overcome their challenges to travel, ease their fears and show how worthwhile travel with boys can be. Every week we will add new inspiration and resources to this site from us and from other parents of boys from around the world. To get the latest information, sign up to our newsletter.

About me

Travel with Boys Mother of boys Family travelMy name is Nicci. I’m the mother of two energetic boys (aged 7 and 9), a wife, a marketing communications consultant, and a writer. This website was launched in 2016 when I decided to combine my biggest passions in life – travel, writing and my boys.

I love car rides and plane trips to new destinations. I love to wander aimlessly around cities, to discover people, places and food that aren’t necessarily in the guidebooks. I would rather be discovering how the locals live, than following a crowd around any day.

My love of travel started long before my big and little boys came into my life. At the age of 11, I was lucky enough to go trekking around Europe with my Mum, Dad and three siblings. This was followed by road trips to Cape York Peninsular (most northern point of Australia), the Blue Mountains, and countless trips to the beach and the bush. Once I reached adulthood, the travel bug was well entrenched, so I studied hard at uni and worked even harder to save money so I could take myself off to discover the world. My longest stint travelling was two years, which was spent mostly in Europe, with a few side trips to Africa and the US.


I grew up in a house full of nearly all girls, so it came as a huge surprise to live in a house full of boys. Even the dog is a boy! Lucky for me, I love nearly every minute of it. Life is a noisy adventure.

We are lucky to live in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia, which is the ultimate place to explore with boys, with its beautiful beaches, amazing outback, and stunning mountains and forests. The people are great too!

Where have I travelled?

Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Singapore, and 11 states in the USA. So many more places yet to discover.

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