Many parents, including me, have boys that aren’t hugely adventurous when it comes to trying new food. So, when you order a meal on your flight and it comes out looking and smelling like it’s from another planet, you need a back-up plan!

The same goes for when you arrive at your international destination in the middle of the night or you all wake up at 4am hungry on your first morning and nothing is open to buy food. You need a back-up plan.

We’ve got some great ideas to help you put together a snack food pack to take with you for when all else fails.

Airplane snack pack list

Our two main criteria when choosing food to fly with is they can’t be messy or need refrigeration.

  • Chewy lollies for take off and landing – jelly beans or similar for younger boys and something like Minties for the older ones
  • Sandwiches – throw a couple of sandwiches in your carry-on. Keep it simple and not sticky and they should be good for a few hours out of the fridge. Our boys like vegemite and butter.
  • Muesli bars –they can be quite filling and are compact
  • Individual packets of biscuits or popcorn – no need to worry about storing half eaten big packets of biscuits
  • Fruit – grapes, blueberries, apples, pears are all good options. Pick ones that don’t squish or make a big mess. Only take enough for your flight as you often will have to throw out any excess before going through customs.
  • Vegetable sticks – carrot and celery sticks are good options
  • Dried fruit – sultanas, raisins and apricots will keep them busy. Beware they do contain a lot of sugar.

How much snack food you take on your flight will depend on how long your flight is, what time of day you’re flying, and which airline you’re going with.

For our flights to Singapore this week I have given my boys a little bag (that their PJ’s came in) and filled it with vege chips, mini packets of biscuits, popcorn, muesli bars and will throw in a sandwich and piece of fruit just before we leave. That should keep us out of trouble for the 13+ hours travelling.

When you are putting together your snack pack, take into consideration time spent at airports, getting to and from airports, and delays.

Survival snack pack for your first night in a country

If your flight arrives into a country when all the shops have shut, it’s always a great idea to have a survival pack in case you can’t find anything for dinner or an early breakfast.

  • 2-minute noodles – all you need is a kettle of boiling water, a mug and a fork and you’re good to go. My boys love them without the flavour sachet but some will love it with it.
  • One-serve cereal packets – hopefully you should be able to get your hands on some milk and a spoon, but the worst that can happen is that you have to eat the cereal dry with your fingers.

While these foods aren’t going to kick too many nutritional goals, they will help you get through any rough patches when travelling.

Snacks NOT to take

  • Anything with a strong smell
  • Banana or anything else that squishes
  • Squeezie yoghurts or fruits – some people will disagree, but for me the less sticky liquid on board, the better.
  • Chocolate (except if it’s for me) – hot hands makes melted chocolate which will soon make its way to your clothes!

We hope this airplane snack list will help you on your next flight.

Have you got any go-to foods for your boys when you travel? We would love you to share them to give other families some good ideas.

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