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Denmark is a remarkable place for families to visit but there is so much more to it than the headline acts of Legoland, Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn, and fairytale castles. The island of Lolland, south of Copenhagen, is a family holiday paradise, with so much to offer it shouldn’t be missed.

Before our holiday to Denmark earlier this year, I had never heard of Lolland or its towns of Maribo, Nakskov or Sakskobing. I was unaware of the beauty of its forests, lakes, and beaches; the fun family experiences, and the warm welcome we would receive.

We were surprised to find a large number of attractions designed with families in mind. They were interactive, fun and educational all at the same time.

Denmark Middelalder Centret Medieval Centre Best of Lolland for family travel kids

Being only one hour’s drive from Copenhagen over the bridge, it was also very easy to get to and navigate which makes for a much nicer family holiday.

We chose to visit the island because wonderful friends who live on Lolland, convinced us we needed to not only see them but to stay longer and discover what makes their region great. They were so sure we would love the place, they asked all 12 Aussies to stay with them in their home for seven nights. This was no small undertaking! We ventured out every day to enjoy some of the magical experiences that Lolland has to offer.

We are so happy we stayed on Lolland and recommend you add it to your itinerary if you’re heading to Denmark.

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Here are the highlights of the attractions we visited during our week on Lolland.

The hidden gems of Lolland for families

Knuthenborg Safaripark

Northern Europe’s biggest safari park, Knuthenborg Safaripark, is no ordinary place to experience animals from around the world. Spend the day getting up close to animals like wolves, tigers, rhino, and giraffe while driving your car through this picturesque 500-hectare safari park.

There are plenty of places you can get out of the car. You can board the train to feed the monkeys (very loud and funny), pat some of the animals, or have a family picnic.

And when you tire of looking at the 1,200 wild animals, you can stop off, at no extra cost, at Limpopo Land, Denmark’s biggest nature water playground.

Open late April to October. Check the website for dates and times.

Denmark Knuthenborg Safaripark Best of Lolland for family travel kids zoo wolf

Middelalder Centret (Medieval Centre)

One thing that really stood out during our time on Lolland was how interactive the attractions were. The Middelalder Centret might be a living museum of medieval times but it had plenty of unique hands-on experiences for all ages.

You can cheer on the knights in a jousting battle, prepare the trebuchet (a siege warfare weapon) for firing, and try your hand at working the massive medieval machines.

We had so much fun learning archery, training for sword fights and searching the forest for mythical people.

With its own medieval village, you can see families living the life of medieval times. People in costume care for their animals, work at their trades and talk about how life would have been in the Middle Ages.

Denmark Middelalder Centret Medieval Centre Best of Lolland for family travel kids archery

Krenkerup Brewery

Travel isn’t just about finding fun things to do with the kids, which made many of the adults in our family group happy. While Mum and I took the kids on our own adventure, the others headed off for a guided tour and tasting session at the Krenkerup Brewery. Situated on one of Denmark’s oldest and largest estates, the boutique brewery has a small restaurant serving light meals for lunch in an authentic setting. They also host a harvest party in August.

Denmark Krenkerup Brewery Best of Lolland for family travel kids

Knuthenlund Estate

For all lovers of food, pay a visit to Knuthenlund Estate and enjoy the sensational flavours of the estate’s organic dairy and meat products as well as those from other local producers. Take a seat at the café and enjoy ice cream, yoghurt, yummy cakes or lunch. Discover the wonderful tastes of the organic cheeses, meats, and charcuterie at the farm shop and remember to take some home with you. Why not stay longer, pre-order a picnic basket, and take a spin on one of the estate’s red bicycles to find your own special spot in the woods for lunch.

Knuthenlund Estate is also famous for hosting the Native Cooking Award each year, an international competition for chefs at Michelin star level.

Denmark Knuthenlund Estate Best of Lolland for family travel kids food

Bandholm Hotel

No visit to Lolland is complete without a visit to Bandholm Hotel’s restaurant. We spent the most glorious afternoon on the large outdoor terrace enjoying a long lunch overlooking the sea. The food and drink were very impressive, with a diverse menu that met the wide array of tastes and requirements of the 12 adults and children at our table. The steak we were served at Bandholm was the best we tasted throughout Denmark.

After lunch, the kids took to the small beach in front looking for sea creatures and eating ice-creams. There is also an old steam train ride you embark on from the front of the hotel that takes you to Maribo and returns an hour later. It only runs on a few days a week so check the timetable.

With beautifully appointed rooms, including small family rooms, you can stay overnight at the beautiful Bandholm Hotel. The hotel is close to many attractions including Knuthenborg SafariPark and Lalandia.

Denmark Bandholm Hotel Best of Lolland for family travel kids accommodation food

Roadside farm stalls

Make sure you stop by one of the many roadside farm stalls and pick yourself up some freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. During our visit, we delighted in buying the juiciest strawberries and raspberries we’ve ever tasted, as well as what seemed to be an endless supply of kartofler (new potato). I have never eaten so many potatoes and they tasted sensational. Make sure you take cash with you, as it is an honour system and you need to put the right amount of money in the moneybox provided.

Denmark Best of Lolland for family travel kids food

Other things to do in Lolland

  • The Danish Castle Centre is remarkable and we were sad we ran out of time to experience it. The Centre is highly interactive with iPad guides (adult and children’s versions), as well as a Children’s Castle Centre full of fun activities.
  • Enjoy splashing around in the massive Aquadome, as well as a multitude of fun activities, shopping, and accommodation at Lalandia holiday centre in Rødby
  • Discover seals in their natural habitat on a seal safari. Boats departs from Nysted Harbour (July to mid-August)
  • Hire a bike or a horse and go for a ride through the picturesque countryside
  • With so much water around, fishing is a great idea
  • Take a boat ride on the PostBaden (post boat) to the islands in Nakskov Fjord
  • Go canoeing or kayaking
  • Head to Hestehoved Beach to enjoy a swim in the warmest bathing waters in Denmark and one of the longest bathing jetties.
  • Take the ferry to Northern Germany


We were lucky to stay with friends in the small village of Langø but if you don’t have that option, there are plenty of fantastic places to stay on Lolland. If you have a car you could easily stay in one place and take day trips from there. We book most of our accommodation through and AirBnB. To make it easier you can search Lolland accommodation below in the yellow search box or on the links above.

Will we go back to Lolland?

Probably the biggest question to ask is, would we go back to visit Lolland if our friends were no longer there? Definitely! Our boys loved it so much they want to live in Lolland.

So if you are looking to experience the real Denmark, outside of the headline acts, we recommend you visit Lolland and enjoy a family-friendly holiday. It’s heaven!

If you’re looking for further information on Lolland, the best place to start is the official tourism site Visit Lolland-Falster.

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