Aspen in Winter

We have enjoyed a relaxing few days of snow, blue skies, cafes and wandering in Aspen, the winter playground of many well-to-do Americans. It is a far cry from home in Toowoomba. The boys loved playing in the snow but soon came to the realisation that it is cold!!! 

The runs here are so long compared to our Australian ski fields and so steep!! We really enjoyed the ski atmosphere, the thirst for thrills the snowboarders have, and the relaxed Après ski evenings.

USA Aspen Colorado Byron in the snow

There are lots of stunning residences here, just like the places we see in the movies. Orren took great delight in having time to partake in his favourite pastime, reading the real estate guides. Needless to say, we will not be moving here, with the average price of homes in the valley at US$8 million! It was interesting to see the types of retail shops this type of clientele attracts!

USA Aspen Colorado mountains

We had a beautiful drive along the rivers, through the snow covered Rocky Mountains to our next destination. The roads we have driven on so far have been fantastic. Great engineering efforts.

We are heading east across the country to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to catch up with some of Orren’s family. The kids DVD player will no doubt get a workout today. They have done surprisingly well with the huge drives.

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