Grand Canyon

The formation of our planet never ceases to amaze me. The Grand Canyon is just one of many examples this vast country has to offer in terms of phenomenal geological structures. Photos do not justify its magnitude. To think that millions of years ago it was all basically one level, and that erosion and the Colorado River has caused this spectacular structure.

The Grand Canyon, USA

Myles and Byron in the Grand Canyon, USA

The drive through the barren environment is filled with incredible landscapes, colours and layers that have been so twisted due to tectonic movement. (I remembered why I so loved teaching Geography many moons ago!)

Antelope Canyon

We came across Antelope Canyon, totally unassuming on the surface, yet a simply stunning myriad of canyons and colours below. The boys had a fabulous time exploring and finding shapes in the rock formations. This is such a harsh environment, scorching hot and dry in the summer and freezing in the winter. We learnt a lot about Indian culture, as this area is all owned by the Navajo. Interesting to see that the same issues Indigenous cultures experience in Australia are very much prevalent here.

The awe-inspiring shapes and colours of Antelope Canyon, USA

The awe-inspiring shapes and colours of Antelope Canyon, USA.

Antelope Canyon is an incredible place for boys to explore

Antelope Canyon is an incredible place for boys to explore

We continued on through Monument Valley which straddles Arizona and Utah. Everywhere you look spectacular sights. The alluring snow-capped mountains are in our sights. Boys cannot wait to be playing in the snow. I don’t think they realise it will be pretty much a white landscape between here and the east coast.

On to Aspen we go. I am just a weeny bit excited!!

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