Catching the ferry from Calais to the White Cliffs of Dover saw the start of the next part of our trip in England, where we got to experience many fantastic sites. I often felt like we were in the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” whizzing down tiny laneways that you would swear were only one way, but no!

We housesat in Leeds, which was an excellent way to experience everyday life. Time was spent wandering through the Yorkshire Dales. Old, dry stone walls crisscrossing the stunning landscape, fantastic old stone houses, and historic buildings everywhere. We noticed the fat, happy cows, and black-faced sheep on bright green pastures were a stark contrast to outback Australia. We all loved this area.

England Bolton Abbey stepping stones family travel Travels with Boys

The boys trying to keep dry walking across the stepping stones at Bolton Abbey

London was an experience for the boys. It was a true London experience living in a super tiny one-room apartment, visiting all the touristy sites. London has it down pat when it comes to tourism. The tourist industry collects over 84 billion pounds per annum. Everything is so expensive.

England London Tower Bridge family travel Travels with Boys

We found the perfect spot for a picnic

From London we headed south via Stonehenge, to catch up with friends in Taunton. We visited Stratton on Avon, Okehampton, Dartmouth, Winchester and Dover. There was so much history. It was fantastic to stand in places and imagine what had transpired in bygone times. We were in awe of the craftsmanship of those times, with all of the phenomenal stone structures and castles. Byron was besotted by stories of knights, kings, and their armour.

England Stonehenge family travel Travels with Boys

Myles, Byron and Anita at Stonehenge, England soaking up the history

Next stop, Italy!

Author: Anita Sedlak

This story is part of a series following the journey of Anita, Orren and their two boys Byron and Myles, who left Australia in November 2014 to experience life in different parts of the world. They made their way to America where they discovered incredible places, met wonderful people, and put down roots for a six-month stint working in a different job. They ventured to Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and France and made so many memories along the way. Each week we publish a new conversation. Follow their journey.