Stylish travel wardrobe ideas for your next getaway

Autumn can be a gorgeous time to travel, the falling leaves, the temperate climate, the meandering strolls along scenic strips. But it can also be fraught. I mean, what to wear? Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be cold? Who knows? The struggle is real. You don’t want to be a pack horse lugging luggage laden with long sleeves, scarves, and overcoats. Conversely, you don’t want to be caught out in the cold (literally) with bare shoulders and even barer legs.

Whether you’re heading off for a girls weekend in Melbourne, a family holiday in Sydney, or seeing the animals at the zoo, there’s good news! With a bit of an edit to your travel wardrobe, these autumn basics will take you from day to night and back to day again – and you won’t pull a muscle from luggage overload.

Australian website, Birdsnest, is filled to overflowing with awesome women’s fashion, perfect to add to your travel wardobe. Solve your travelling wardrobe woes with outfit inspiration for wherever you are going, whatever body shape you have, and any budget your purse allows….

Essential womens travel wardrobe autumn 2018

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Best travel dress for busy mums

Who doesn’t love a T-shirt dress? They’re easy breezy and super light in your suitcase. Plus, there’s something about a jersey dress that feels “holiday-ish”.

Dress them up with a cute sandal and chunky jewellery, or throw some beaded thongs on and hoop earrings, and they can take you around the world. Plus, if it’s a bit on the chilly side, a denim jacket takes the edge off. This dress comes in navy, black, navy stripe and a smaller stripe.

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Best travel dress - womens travel wardrobe


Versatile jackets for travel

Talking about denim jackets, these are my go-to in cooler climes. Seriously, I swear by these as a staple. A mid navy, slightly cropped (but not too cropped) denim jacket will be perhaps the most versatile item in your luggage. Wear it with pants, skirts, dresses… your choice.

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Best travel jacket - denim jacket

Essential travel fashion accessory – Scarf

Oh, how I love a scarf; a super inexpensive way to warm up an outfit for Autumn days or nights. Plus, wear it on the plane, train or bus and it won’t clog up luggage space. Pink is in fashion this season – and really, these colours go with just about everything. Plus, if the kids get a little cool, you can wrap it around them but safe in the knowledge they aren’t going to take off with it! Good to go.

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Best travel pants to make it through any occasion

If I can give you one Autumn dressing tip when travelling – it’s this: get yourself a great pair of black pants. There are so many styles to choose from (seriously, so many!), so there will be a pair to suit your figure and budget. I particularly love these ones. They are a pull on, so you’re not going to be fussing over belts and buttons. They’re a skinny fit, and super flattering. A white tee, scarf and denim jacket: classic and cool. And if you are going somewhere fancy for dinner, pair them with a black heel, and voila!

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Best travel pants women

Classic white shirt for travelling

And of course, if you are going to grab a pair of classic black pants, you’ll need a classic white top to go with it! This “Everyday Shirt” isn’t called every day for nothing. You can literally wear it every day – knotted with a skirt and flats for a museum, tucked in with the black pants for kicking on during the evening or out over a pair of jeans for super comfort.

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Classic travel shirt - womens travel fashion

Versatile t-shirt

When it comes to travelling with kids, you want to be comfortable but at the same time look nice. The drape tee is a great t-shirt you can throw on with your pants, jeans, capris or whatever you fancy. This textured cotton tee is perfect for the autumn weather and you can easily layer it as the days get cooler.

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best tshirt travel

Trendy comfy footwear

Taking in the sights generally means walking – a lot of it. I cannot stress enough the importance of comfy footwear. Seriously, comfortable shoes are going to be your best friend. But comfy doesn’t have to mean ugly. Grab a pair of sneakers (any white sneaker will do) and walk from sunrise to sunset. There are so many cool styles to choose from these days. Here are one of our faves (comfy, cute and priced just right).

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Best travel shoe women

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