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Getting the most out of your visit to the Colosseum with kids

Rome Colosseum tour for kids review – Tapsy Tours
With stories of emperors and gladiators, ferocious animals and mock sea battles, there is no wonder the Colosseum in Rome, Italy is a top destination for families. However it isn’t as simple as strolling on in and seeing all the action. The thing is, the most action you’ll see is the long line of visitors waiting to go in. This is where the supreme story telling skills of someone in the know will bring this incredible piece of architecture to life and keep your family occupied for hours.

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One perfect day in Manarola, Cinque Terre

Dsicover Manarola in Italy's Cinque Terre with kids There are moments in life that will stay with you forever and our visit in June to the postcard perfect village of Manarola in Italy was certainly one of them. One of the five villages that make up the famous Italian...

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What happens to the coins in the Trevi Fountain?

Where do all the coins go? Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy Standing at the edge of the Trevi Fountain in Rome in June, ready to toss in my coin, and one of the boys ask, “Where does all the money go?” Great question but I had no idea. The Trevi Fountain is one of the most...

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Rome with Kids – 10 top things to do with boys

The best things to do in Rome with kids I fell in love with Rome many years ago, when I visited as a single backpacker. I loved everything from its stunning architecture, jaw-dropping historic sites and quaint cobblestone streets; to its passionate people, delicious...

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How to see Rome without the crowds

Rome is a magnificent city with so much to offer families. However, it has a downside. Huge numbers of tourists flock there every year, making sightseeing somewhat difficult when travelling with kids. Being a capital city, Rome will always be busy, no matter when you...

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Exploring the best of Italy with boys

Conversations from Italy A few near divorces and me wanting to give away my children to anyone due to long car trips, however, the Aussie adventurers are all well, intact and loving Italy! Starting from where we last left off. From England we boarded the Chunnel or as...

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