15 of the World’s Top Dinosaur Attractions for Kids

From North America to Russia, Australia to Europe and the Middle East, we have tracked down the world’s top dinosaur attractions for kids, thanks to the people who know best what kids love, parents. Let your kids discover enormous T-Rex skeletons, dinosaur footprints hidden along the shoreline, life sized state of the art creations and fossil digging at its best.

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Exploring the American South: our final USA adventure

Adventures in the American South It is hard to believe that six months have flown by and our time in the USA has come to an end. We sit at JFK Airport in New York waiting for our connecting flight to Munich and reflect on our amazing adventures here and how much we...

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Conversations from Washington DC and Gettysburg

Washington DC  We went up to Washington DC last long weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the sights. We visited the Mint, which the boys found fascinating, and had a tour of the Capitol Building. We learnt a lot about the immense pride the Americans have for their country...

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Conversations from Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina We made it safely to Charlotte, North Carolina and have spent the last few weeks settling into our little two bedroom flat, investigating our neighbourhood and meeting new people. We have been so fortunate that the boys are enrolled in...

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Christmas in New York City with kids

Conversations from New York City What an amazing city of contrasts. Rich and poor; grunge, grot and exceeding beauty. Driving into the north of the city from Boston, I was amazed by the majestic homes you could see from the highway, with dry stone fences everywhere...

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Conversations from Niagara Falls and Boston

Written by Anita Sedlak Niagara Falls Our journey continues to Niagara Falls in Canada. We drove through Detroit and were utterly amazed at the devastation the closure of large manufacturing companies can have on a city. Entire streets abandoned, high-rise buildings...

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Conversations from Mechanicsville and Chicago

A big week of family catch ups, new adventures and bewilderment ...... We caught up with Orren's American family in Mechanicsville, Iowa and felt overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people I have never met before. It was amazing to have four generations of...

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Conversations from Aspen

 Aspen in Winter We have enjoyed a relaxing few days of snow, blue skies, cafes and wandering in Aspen, the winter playground of many well-to-do Americans. It is a far cry from home in Toowoomba. The boys loved playing in the snow but soon came to the realisation that...

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Conversations from Arizona’s canyons and valleys

Grand Canyon The formation of our planet never ceases to amaze me. The Grand Canyon is just one of many examples this vast country has to offer in terms of phenomenal geological structures. Photos do not justify its magnitude. To think that millions of years ago it...

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California Conversations

A mum’s personal account of travelling the world with boys (Part 3 of 25) Written by: Anita Sedlack Bears, blue jays and the largest tree on earth  We are continuing our drive south through California where we have just visited Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately it...

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