Conversations from Seattle

Conversations from Seattle

A mum's personal account of travelling the world with boys (Part 1 of 25 - Seattle) Written by: Anita Sedlack "We had a great day exploring Seattle. Breakfast of freshly picked berries from the Pike Place Market then on to watching our crumpets being made for us with...

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Conversations from afar – 10 months travelling with boys

Conversations from afar – 10 months travelling with boys

Many of us dream of packing up our day-to-day lives for a year to find out what the world has to offer by travelling, but few of us ever do it. For those who do take the plunge, it’s often when they’ve just finished school, while others plan to go when the kids leave...

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Nicci Founder and Editor Travel with Boys


I’m the Founder and Editor of Travel with Boys and Trip Chiefs, and mother to two energetic boys. In between the dirty clothes, endless cooking, and breaking up wrestling matches, I write about amazing places to discover and how to keep sane doing it.

I want to help you overcome your challenges to travel, ease your fears and show you how worthwhile travel with boys really can be.



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