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There’s the Gold Coast, there’s the Sunshine Coast, and then there’s Australia’s Fraser Coast, a region of incredible diversity and beauty. It stretches from the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef to Hervey Bay, Maryborough, and the iconic Fraser Island. It is glorious. It is protected. It is relatively untouched. And, it is nature at its best.

Fraser Coast’s stunning coastline is juxtaposed against ancient rainforests and tranquil towns and is perhaps Queensland’s best-kept secret.

Best things to do when you visit Fraser Coast with kids

Whale watch from the beach, or get really, really close on an organised boat expeditionfrom Hervey Bay, discover the history of the region at one of the multitude of museums across the region, wander through the green, green rainforests, and explore the abundance of marine life at Lady Elliot Island.

Perhaps our very favourite thing to do is visit Fraser Island. Slip and slide down the sand dunes, loll in the freshwater lakes, fish for your dinner from the beachside and check out the Maheno Shipwreck.

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island which stretches for 123kms. As such there are strips of beach which you can have all to yourself. Fish straight off the beach, set up stumps for a lazy game of beach cricket, slide down the ginormous sand dunes or visit the coloured sands (near Eli Creek) which are made up of over 70 different colours.

75 Mile Beach should be tops on your list. The beach is, well, 75 miles of golden goodness. While you’re there, visit Champagne Pools and the volcanic rock formation of Indian Head. With not so friendly sharks and stingers, the ocean is not the place to swim, but thankfully there are some seriously spectacular lakes and swimming holes.

Lake Mackenzie is wide, white and wonderful – it’s the most visited natural site on the island and only contains rainwater. Visit it at dawn (because, let’s face it, with kids you’re up at dawn anyway…) for a truly magical experience and to get away from the crowds who start arriving after 8am.

What more could you want from a family holiday destination? Not much more, we think.

Before you hit the beach, take a look at our Aussie beach survival guide for great tips and tricks, with everything from chafing to stingers, sand to sunburn.

Fraser Coast family holiday guide rainforests Travel with Boys

Where to stay on Fraser Coast with kids

Harvey Bay, Maryborough and Fraser Island offer up a host of resorts, hotels and beach-side camping at its very best. Take a look at these amazing places and keep an eye out for our upcoming series on Fraser Island.

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Know before you go

Food on the Fraser Coast

There is nothing pretentious about the Fraser Coast, so assume restaurants and cafes to be mostly kid-friendly spots. With the plethora of farms in this region, expect lots of fresh produce, just-caught seafood, and family favourites. Fish and chips on the beach, anyone?

Food on Fraser Island is a bit of a different story. If you’re there for more than a couple of days, you’re probably going to want to go shopping on the mainland before you head over on the ferry. There are a couple of restaurants/cafes on the island, as well as the Eurong bakery, a couple of places to buy alcohol, and a few general stores but expect to pay a great deal more than you would on the mainland.

Getting from the airport

If you are visiting the Fraser Coast, you can fly straight into Hervey Bay or go via Brisbane. Bus it, or hire a car to get from the airport to your destination. For flights and information, visit Fraser Coast Airport. For shuttle bus services, see Bay2Dore.

Fraser Coast Public Transport

Each township on the Fraser Coast has its own public transport system. Fares are generally cheap and services run regularly. For more information, visit the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s website.

Driving Fraser Coast

Hiring a car makes sense when visiting the Fraser Coast. Since the region covers hundreds of kilometres, driving lets you cover the places you want to go. Take a look at the best car hire prices available.

Keep in mind if you want to go to Fraser Island you need to have a 4WD, and you absolutely need to know how to drive a 4WD in rough conditions for starters, and if you’ve never driven on sand before, do a lot of research beforehand. We saw numerous people driving who had no idea what they were doing and were a danger to themselves and everyone else.

If you’re renting a 4WD, you need to let the car hire company know beforehand. We have rented from Rainbow Beach 4×4 Hire a few times and found them to be fantastic to deal with and reasonably priced.

Fraser Coast family holiday guide driving on Fraser Island Travel with Boys

Parking Fraser Coast

Easy. Lots of parking readily available beachside and within the CBD of each township. More often than not, it’s free (but always check the signs).

Fraser Coast Weather

Forecast: sunny with a chance of sun. All. Year. Round.

Favourite Family Events

Relish Fraser Coast Festival (Maryborough), Whale Watching Cruises (Hervey Bay), WetSide Water Park (Hervey Bay), feed the dolphins at Tin Can Bay.

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Visit Fraser Coast with kids Queensland family holiday guide Travel with Boys

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