Family friendly festivals

In towns all over the world, festivals bring communities together to celebrate, to show off their traditions, and to have some fun. As a traveller, it’s a great way to meet the locals and experience more of their culture.

There are so many amazing family friendly festivals around the world that it’s hard to know where to start. So we got talking to a few of our favourite family travel bloggers to find out about the festivals they love most.

Bermuda Kite Festival, Bermuda

By Christine from Wandering Wagars

Bermuda Kite Festival family travel kids Wandering WagarsEach year on Good Friday, children and adults alike flock to the various Bermuda beaches and hilltops to show off both home-made and store bought kites. The annual Bermuda Kite Festival is a celebrated tradition on this Atlantic Island, and on our visit to Bermuda during the Easter Holidays we got a chance to take part!

The Fairmont Southampton offered a kite making lesson and party. A bamboo frame and pre-cut pieces of paper and other pieces for embellishment were provided, and staff were on hand to guide us through building our own Bermuda kites.

The next day, we took to Horseshoe Bay and joined the crowds of locals who were taking to the skies. The weather blessed us with beautiful sunshine and enough wind, so our son was able to watch his creation take flight and actually stay in the air. His smile was priceless!

Taste of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

By Amy from Passports and Pigtails

Taste of Edmonton family travel kids festivals Passports and Pigtails

Edmonton, Alberta, has long been a leader on the summer festival scene, and ‘A Taste of Edmonton’ is one experience that reigns supreme. This 10-day outdoor event held annually in July is a favorite among locals.  The small capital city of one million residents draws over 500,000 people to celebrate cuisine, making it the largest food festival in Canada, and an opportunity to indulge the senses.

Every year over 60 local food vendors (with a focus on independent establishments) gather to each showcase two feature dishes.  Thanks to the vast cultural diversity embraced by Canadians, patrons purchase tickets and choose their own desires from a wide variety of culinary avenues.  Along with the smells and sounds coming from the tents is a live stage with upcoming artists, an 18+ section to indulge in various wines, cocktails and craft beers, a VIP ‘Sip and Savor” Event and even championship level cook-offs.

This event is fun for the entire family, even offering a free ‘Taste for Kids’ program targeted at promoting healthy, balanced eating.  So pack your bags and a bib, and prepare yourself for an amazing Edmonton food experience!”

The Great Dickens Fair, San Francisco, USA

By Laure from Frog Mom

Great Dickens Fair family travel kids Frog Mom

Imagine traveling back in time to Victorian London where street vendors sell warm chestnuts or pies next to sailors playing cards on the docks, where you can get invited to wild waltzing parties or sit down at a table and listen to Charles Dickens himself reading A Christmas Carol.

The Great Dickens Fair is a unique family-friendly festival in San Francisco that draws crowds every year. With hundreds of performers in costumes and recreated period streets complete with Victorian shops and lanterns in alleys, it creates a perfect Victorian illusion that lasts from Thanksgiving through the end of the year on weekends.

If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, this is definitely the place for it and kids will get out feeling extremely festive. How could they not with a hot chocolate in hand, peeking through the windows of the Explorers’ Club or waiting for Father Christmas’ parade? Of course, no visit would be complete without Victorian-era games or a show–my girls’ favourite part. We like to get there early to beat the crowds and enjoy a full day.

Oktoberfest, Bavaria, Germany

By Mark and Bec from Wyld Family Travel

Germany Oktoberfest Wyld Family Travel kids festivals

When you think of Oktoberfest you think of beer, right? Well, Oktoberfest is much, much more!
Germany is one of the most family friendly places we have ever been, and Bavaria’s Oktoberfest is a child’s dream! During the day you will see so many families in traditional Bavarian dress spending the day together looking at the stalls, having a go at the sideshow games and going on the rides. There is something for the little ones in the prams all the way up to the biggest kids of them all!
We took our eldest daughter there when she was 10 months old, and she loved all the sights and sounds…she even got to pat one of the horses that pull the beer carts! We returned again with our two daughters to celebrate a birthday, and they loved it! There were so many rides they could go on, they had plenty of wurst for lunch and had so much chocolate covered fruit I thought that would be the only way they would ever eat it again!
So next time you think of Oktoberfest think of all the families having a great day out enjoying a ride, lunch together, and yes, probably a beer too!


We always love to hear about family-friendly festivals around the world, so let us know which are your favourites. 

For further information on any of these great festivals, click on the links in the stories where you’ll be taken to the blog of these wonderful family travel bloggers.

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