NoNetz boys anti-chafe swimwear review

As a mother of boys, there are quite a few challenges I’ve been thrown that I never knew I’d have to deal with. Wee on the floor, constantly saying “keep your hands to yourself” (but “stop clutching your crotch”), never ending wrestling, and chafing at the beach. Well the first three I’m still working on, but the red raw chafing boy at the beach is finally all sorted.

Over the last nine years we have tried everything from lanolin to baby powder, no boardies to new boardies, and nothing seems to fix the problem for at least one of the boys.

So a few months ago I got really serious and started asking around the guys who wear board shorts all day, everyday at the beach. Okay, so these guys aren’t tipping a bucketload of sand down their pants like little boys seem to do, but they have discovered what works over the years.

What they said was they wore board shorts that had inner linings like Skins without the compression. With that in mind I searched the web for kid versions of what they had described. I was excited to find No-Netz who are based in the US but who ship worldwide.

Their board shorts have an anti-bacterial, anti-chafe, non-compression liner which promises to stop the chafing. Being ever the sceptic, I wanted to test them out, so asked NoNetz for two pairs so that some non-stop Aussie beach boys could really test them out.

Boys anti chafe swimwear board shorts beach Travel with Boys

Well test them out they certainly have, and no longer do we have to cut our trip to the beach short due to chafing. Another problem solved!

The shorts are a bit longer than my boys are used to, which I thought may be a problem, but they didn’t care. These board shorts are apparently so comfortable they now want to wear them everywhere there is water.

The only thing I found to watch out for is the drawstring. I’m the mother who would rather her kids get dressed by themselves, and therefore don’t check if they have tied up their drawstring. So they never tie up their drawstring and of course they fell out early on. It hasn’t made any difference to the performance of the shorts so I can’t say I’m worried. If having the drawstring look is important then you need to make sure you’ve tied them together before each trip to the beach.

The bottom line is, yes I would buy No-Netz. There are a few different colours to choose from and most importantly, these board shorts make a trip to the beach painless for the boys, and therefore much happier for the whole family. For all of those Dads and Uncles out there who suffer from chaffing, NoNetz also sell mens sizes.

We hope this helps. Happy swimming!

Disclosure: We received two pairs of board shorts for the purpose of reviewing the product. This is no way has influenced our review and we stand by our comments.

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Boys anti chafe swimwear board shorts beach Travel with Boys

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