You only get one life to live, so why not do what you love?

Sounds easy I know, but for many of us, including me, chasing your BIG dreams can seem too hard sometimes.

My dreams had always involved travel, writing and photography. I wanted to inspire people to see how amazing the world really was and I wanted to be inspired. I dreamt of working for National Geographic or the TV show Getaway. I dreamt of working for tour companies in Africa.

But life has a funny way of working out. After the death of my sister, while I was travelling in Kenya in 1999, I forgot about my dreams for a long time and concentrated on what was important. My family.

Over time, I built a wonderful life and a career I could be proud of. I established my own public relations and marketing consultancy back in 2002, which I successfully ran until earlier this year.

I met an amazing man, fell in love, and had two beautiful boys.

However, that travel career dream never went away.

Italy Cinque Terre Manarola family travel

I never stopped travelling, but when I had kids; I found it hard to find specific advice about travelling with boys. So many mothers of boys had gone before me, so why was it so hard to find an easier way to travel with these balls of energy.

Why was there no one to explain that it was a good idea to choose a holiday unit with minimal things to break and to climb, and maximum room for wrestling and imaginary sword fighting?

Why didn’t someone explain to always make sure there is somewhere close by to run, climb or bounce balls, so you can stay sane. And to always take raincoats because boys stuck in a holiday unit on a rainy day is a recipe for disaster!

What were the amazing things to do around the world and at home that would interest parents but also engage the boys.

I saw an opening. There was no reason why I couldn’t be the one to help families of boys travel more and to make it easier for them.

I never set out to be a blogger.

Blogging was never in my dreams but it gave me the platform to realise my dreams. It enabled me to combine my three greatest passions: travel, writing and my boys.

So I learnt how to develop my own website from scratch, and how to run this marathon that is blogging. In December 2015, I launched Travels with Boys and I havent stopped learning and exploring since.

What’s so different about travelling with boys?

Quite a lot actually. The way boys learn, communicate, play and even eat are all different to girls. For those families with all boys or majority boys, you will find they seek out different activities, lots of room to move, and balls often become an essential part of life.

Every boy is unique. But whether they are into sport, music, art or cars there are still many similarities as to what makes them travel well.

I now have the best job in the world. I can help other families, while having time to enjoy life with my family and being able to seriously challenge myself at work every day.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us.


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