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Niagara Falls

Our journey continues to Niagara Falls in Canada. We drove through Detroit and were utterly amazed at the devastation the closure of large manufacturing companies can have on a city. Entire streets abandoned, high-rise buildings derelict, beautiful residential properties torched or vandalised.

In stark contrast, Niagara Falls is a stunning natural wonder. It is phenomenal the sheer amount of water flowing over them. The roar and the abrasive action that occurs.

USA Niagara Falls Byron, Myles and Anita travelswithboys.com


As we had a few days up our sleeve before going to New York, we decided to spend two nights in Boston. It is such a fun and bustling city with great architecture and fabulous food! We had a beautiful night in the North End, a sector of small meandering streets with fantastic Italian restaurants, and amazing line-ups to get into places. A new experience for the boys. There were pastry shops with more than 100 people crammed in and many, many more lined up outside in the freezing cold, waiting for delectable treats.

USA Boston Childrens Museum travelswithboys.com

The boys loved the Boston Children’s Museum today. A great interactive place. Walking back to our accommodation this afternoon it started to snow. The boys were bewildered by it. They have been in snow a few times but never been snowed on. They were amazed at the perfection of each snowflake. It would have been a funny sight for anyone driving by – kids jumping around like pork chops with their tongues out trying to catch snowflakes.

Only one more sleep until ….New York!! Just a tiny, weeny bit excited!

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