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We know that travelling with boys isn’t always easy, so we have put together some amazing resources to help you dream bigger, plan better and enjoy your travels even more. Each week we will add something new to this page. If you would like to receive these blog posts via email, why not sign up to our monthly email newsletter.

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Travel insurance tips to save you money and get it right.

Simple tips to start travel with kids

Tips for travel with kidsIf you’ve always dreamt of discovering some far off place but ever since you had boys, you could never quite bring yourself to make those dreams a reality, then now is the time to walk the plank!It can be terrifying, we know, to think of the...

11 things I wish I’d known before travelling with boys

If you could turn back time, what would you do differently? When it comes to taking day trips, road trips, interstate holidays or overseas adventures, we’ve had plenty of experience of the incredibly awesome and the downright disasters that can happen away from home when you’ve got boys.

Can it really be easier to travel with boys?

5 reasons why it's easier to travel with boys Some would say it is too hard to travel with boys, so they try to avoid it at all costs. Boys are known for being loud, busy and boisterous which some would say is not a good combination when travelling. However we know...

How to prevent chafing at the beach

As a mother of boys, there are quite a few challenges I’ve been thrown that I never knew I’d have to deal with. Wee on the floor, constantly saying “keep your hands to yourself” (but “stop clutching your crotch”), never ending wrestling, and chafing at the beach. Well the first three I’m still working on, but the red raw chafing boy at the beach is finally all sorted.

How to save money on your Port Douglas family holiday

Flights, accommodation, food and activities all add up when it comes to going on a family holiday. Port Douglas is a tropical paradise and a brilliant place for families to explore. What puts many off going is the cost, but it can be done on a tight budget. Here are our top tips on how to holiday at Port Douglas with kids on a budget.

10 Top Tips for Flying with Toddlers

The thought of taking a toddler onto a plane for a 2-hour flight, let alone 20 hours, is enough to make you reconsider your need to travel. But don’t do that! To help you get there with minimal meltdowns, we have brought together some brilliant frequent flyer mums from around the world, who work hard to make it easier for families to fly and travel. Here are their top tips.

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I’m the Founder and Editor of Travel with Boys, and mother to two energetic boys. In between the dirty clothes, endless cooking, and breaking up wrestling matches, I write about amazing places to discover with boys and how to keep sane doing it.

I want to help you overcome your challenges to travel, ease your fears and show you how worthwhile travel with boys really can be.


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