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We know that travelling with boys isn’t always easy, so we have put together some amazing resources to help you dream bigger, plan better and enjoy your travels even more. Each week we will add something new to this page. If you would like to receive these blog posts via email, why not sign up to our monthly email newsletter.

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Living a Life Less Ordinary

You only get one life to live, so why not do what you love? Sounds easy I know, but for many of us, including me, chasing your BIG dreams can seem too hard sometimes. My dreams had always involved travel, writing and photography. I wanted to inspire people to see how...

4 fantastic children’s books to help first time flyers

First time flyers Your bags are packed, the iron is turned off, and the kids are in the car ready to go to the airport. There’s only one problem. That little boy in the back of the car is getting increasingly nervous about his first flight. How will the plane stay in...

6 lifesaving items to take when flying with boys

Flying with boysThere is nothing better than the feeling you get as the plane’s wheels leave the ground and you take off to a new destination. However, when the plane levels out and everyone in the family realises you’re trapped in a huge piece of metal for a while,...

8 ways NOT to lose your boys in busy places

Losing a child in public is any parents’ worst nightmare and whether you’re heading into the city, you’re off to an event, or you’re venturing to another country, a lost boy in a crowd is a very real possibility. We know from experience how it feels like someone has...

Top 5 gifts for boys under 5 who travel

Tis the season to start shopping for our loved ones, so we thought we would give you a hand. We have scoured the globe for the coolest gifts, keeping into consideration that they have to be parent-friendly (i.e. not too noisy, not too many little pieces, and not going...

Getting boys to eat abroad

Discovering new food and tastes when travelling to a different country is exciting to many adults but often not to many children, including my youngest boy. Many years ago my parents took all four kids to Europe on holidays and the one story that my Mum...

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I’m the Founder and Editor of Travel with Boys, and mother to two energetic boys. In between the dirty clothes, endless cooking, and breaking up wrestling matches, I write about amazing places to discover with boys and how to keep sane doing it.

I want to help you overcome your challenges to travel, ease your fears and show you how worthwhile travel with boys really can be.


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