Pregnancy travel tips from frequent flyer mums

When you want to take a well deserved holiday before your beautiful baby arrives, or need to fly somewhere for work, you want to know that both you and your baby will be safe as you travel. We have brought together five well travelled mums to give you some of their best tips for travelling when pregnant.

The safest time to fly is during your second trimester. By then you should hopefully be over your first trimester morning sickness and the risk of miscarriage has been reduced. It’s also before there is a chance of you going into labour on the plane in your third trimester. Make sure you check your airline’s policy for flying when pregnant because they are all different plus they vary depending on the length of flight. If you have had any complications, you need to see your doctor before flying at any stage of your pregnancy. Nicci from Travel with Boys

If you need a doctors letter for flying, make sure they write the date out in full or international dating protocols could land you in hot water with your airline (i.e. due date 9/7/17 and 7/9/17 are very different things depending where you are in the world! Keri from Our Globetrotters

I flew several times when pregnant with both of my boys. I once flew back from the UK to the USA at 33 weeks pregnant on United Airlines which was the latest they allowed you to fly at the time.  My top tips are make sure you check with the airline the latest you are allowed to fly, every airline is very different.  You may also need to have a medical check and carry a letter from your doctor. Lisa from Travel Loving Family

Make sure you have travel insurance. If you have an IVF pregnancy be aware that cover varies. Some companies will not cover, others will treat your pregnancy as a medical condition and others will not consider it an issue at all. Carrie from Flying with a Baby 

Don’t be afraid to be selfish – go as slow as you need, eat and drink as often as you need, and make someone else carry the daypack. Just getting out of bed can be exhausting and taxing on the body, and your travelling partners should already be aware of this. Mummy-to-be has unique needs and they cannot be ignored. Christine from Tapped Out Traveller$

Each time I flew when pregnant I tried to book a seat towards the back of the aircraft where it is generally less busy and each time managed to bag an extra seat so that I could spread out.  For one long haul flight, I managed to secure an entire middle row and laid down for a nap, which was heavenly! Lisa from Travel Loving Family

When flying, make sure to book an aisle seat so it’s easier to get to the toilet. The ideal would be a seat with extra legroom in the aisle, not too far away from the toilet, but also not too close that people will bump you as they mingle around the toilets. Nicci from Travel with Boys

I preferred city-breaks when I was pregnant and traveling. There was always a street vendor just around the corner, local transition was easily accessible so I didn’t have to walk across town (though I would have, had I not been pregnant) and plenty of park benches to just relax, take a break and people watch. Christine from Tapped Out Traveller$

Doing a little research before you travel is the best thing you can do. Talk to your doctor about any precautions, check your insurance to see what you’ll be covered for and make sure there’ll be lots of nice toilet stops along the way.

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