Renting baby equipment for your next trip

Car seats, strollers, prams, porta-cots, bassinets, feeding chairs. So much baby gear for travel!

Let’s face it, travelling with babies and small children can be exhausting, frustrating, and heavy as heck. It can leave you feeling like a packhorse, and utterly shattered before you even board the plane or get in the car.

Surely, there’s an easier way? Why yes, there is!

Hire companies have felt your pain and can now deliver (literally) on everything your baby, toddler or small child needs while globetrotting, or simply on your next beach vacation.

But is it safe? Is it clean? Is it worth it?

We put on our investigative caps and probed the ins and outs, the pros and cons, the advantages and disadvantages of hiring baby equipment.

Before you start hiring willy nilly, here are the most important things you need to look out for when finding the best baby gear rental.

Questions to ask the baby equipment rental company

  1. Does the baby equipment meet national standards, especially safety standards?
  2. Is the equipment cleaned and sanitised after each rental? There are too many stories out there of car rental companies and a few baby hire companies supplying soiled car seats and other baby equipment to customers.
  3. Can they guarantee you will receive the equipment? Often car hire companies can’t guarantee you will receive a car seat even though you book one which is a headache no parent wants to deal with when they disembark from their flight.
  4. Will the baby hire company properly install/erect the equipment? Are they trained to do so? There is a big difference between a teenager who’s never fitted a car seat before and a trained professional.
  5. Will they deliver and at what cost?
  6. Can you pick up at one location and return at another location? This is especially important for baby car seat hire.
  7. What is their customer service like? Read the reviews and check out their Facebook page to get a good indication.

If you’re travelling in Australia, we recommend Hire for Baby for so many reasons. Firstly, the baby equipment you hire from them always meets Australian Standards. Always. And they ensure to keep up to date with changes in equipment standards and safety issues.

Second, you can relax knowing their hire gear is clean and sanitised. No sticky messes, leftover crumbs, or unknown yuckies. All their baby equipment for hire is purchased brand new, and is carefully cleaned and safety checked before it goes out to every single customer.

Car seats are probably the most popular hire item on Hire for Baby’s books. Unlike car hire companies, baby hirers will send out a trained restraint fitter who will fit your hired baby capsule and car seat for free.

Third, they will deliver right to your door – if you want it at the airport or at the hotel, no problem either way. They have 75 locations around Australia, so chances are, your Australian family holiday will be sorted.

And if that isn’t enough, Prince William and Duchess Kate used Hire for Baby during their Australian visit for their little Royal Highnesses. So, it’s safe to say it should be good enough for your little prince or princess.

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