Time to go home

The next stop on our adventure was Rothenburg ob der Taube, a beautiful old Fachwerkstadt (half-timbered town) near Nuremberg in Germany. The boys had a ball at the Christmas shop where they were able to spot many of our Christmas treasures that have been passed on through the family. It was nice for them to see and understand where some of our traditions have come from.

Germany Rothenburg ob der Taube family travel travelswithboys.com

We spent a lovely few days in southern Bavaria, which is a stunningly gorgeous part of the world. The area is home to the Milka chocolate cow, happily grazing on lush green grass with the large bells around their necks and the dramatic Alps in the background. We woke to the highest points of the mountains being dusted in the finest amount of snow. Winter will soon be on its way.


Germany Neuschwanstein Castle family travel travelswithboys.com

The magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle


Spent a fun morning at the salt mines in Berchtesgarten and the afternoon in Salzburg. Reminisced about many fun times travelling with family and friends to these places many years ago.

Time is ticking by! Lovely to see family again in Altotting and Winhoring. I only wish we could spend more time with them. A gorgeous, balmy evening was spent walking through Burghausen, the longest castle in the world and listening to a traditional brass band playing in the square in Lederhosen and Dirndls.

So… it is with much sadness that I write our last post. After much deliberation, Orren and I have made the hard decision to head home early due to work commitments. We are very grateful to all those who have assisted us in taking care of things back home so that we were able to have this time to travel.

Time is such a precious gift. Time to spend together, to experience so many different cultures and places. Time to be able to think and contemplate where the next part of our lives will take us. Time to watch our kids learn and grow, to develop resilience, empathy and an interest and passion in the world around us.

We have truly had an amazing adventure.


Author: Anita Sedlak

This story is part of a series following the journey of Anita, Orren and their two boys Byron and Myles, who left Australia in November 2014 to experience life in different parts of the world. They made their way to America where they discovered incredible places, met wonderful people, and put down roots for a six-month stint working in a different job. They ventured to Costa Rica, Egypt, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany and France and made so many memories along the way. Each week we publish a new conversation. Follow their journey.