Tis the season to start shopping for our loved ones, so we thought we would give you a hand. We have scoured the globe for the coolest gifts, keeping into consideration that they have to be parent-friendly (i.e. not too noisy, not too many little pieces, and not going to drive us crazy). Here are our top five gifts for boys under 5.

  1. Frank the Fire Truck Trunki is so much fun and very practical for little boys going places. I so wish I had discovered these before my boys got too big for them. How cool for your boy to have a bag that he can sit on when you’re in line at the airport, can play on when they’re sick of waiting, and can ride on when their legs won’t take them any further. Trunki’s are designed for 1 to 3-year-olds and have an 18L capacity. $79.95AUD www.thestorknest.com.au
  1. Soft cuddly toys are brilliant for little travelling boys for so many reasons. They are comforting to hold onto or sleep with, fun to play with, can remind the child of somewhere you have visited (like getting a dolphin cuddly after visiting the aquarium), they are hardy, and are easy to buy.
  1. Digital Camera

For those pre-school boys, the Vtech Kidizoom Twist Plus is a solid beginners camera. It has a 2-megapixel lens, video function and twistable lens (for taking selfies), and most importantly is designed especially for children aged 3 to 9 so is robust and easy to handle. Be aware that this camera takes 4 x AA batteries. Price $79.90 AUD

  1. Leap Reader

A Leap Reader is one of the best investments we have made and it was a very sad day when it broke (it had been through a lot including rain!). For one to three-year-olds, there is Leap Reader Junior which brings magic to reading stories as they come to life without you reading a word. Leap Reader is for four to eight-year-olds and it goes a few steps further by helping children to read and write. And if you get sick of the noise you can always plug it into their headphones! $60AUD for Leap Reader Junior and $99AUD for Leap Reader plus books. www.leapfrog.com

  1. Activity or colouring books

There are so many different activity and colouring books that will keep your boys entertained, it’s just a matter of choosing ones they will be interested in. Keeping with the travel theme, we have found a wonderful series of Lonely Planet Kids books that are suitable for children 3 and over. Adventures in Smelly Places looks like a real boy pleaser to me! $12.99AUD http://www.lonelyplanet.com/kids/books

Some other gifts ideas: travel pillow, noise cancelling headphones, Matchbox cars, a new hat.

We hope you found some inspiration here for the little boy in your life this Christmas.

Keep an eye out for our top gift ideas for school aged boys and teenage boys, coming soon.