Tips for travel with kids

If you’ve always dreamt of discovering some far off place but ever since you had boys, you could never quite bring yourself to make those dreams a reality, then now is the time to walk the plank!

It can be terrifying, we know, to think of the long hours you will need to spend locked up with your boys on a plane or in a car just to get to your dream destination. Believe me, I love travelling and the thought of enduring two 12 hour flights with two boys and a very tall husband just to get to Europe fills me with fear!

If you’re thinking that it’s just too hard because your boys are so energetic and noisy, and even the thought of being confined in a hotel room or trying to walk through a crowd without losing them sends you running for a glass of wine, then you’re not alone. Lucky for you there are so many parents who have gone before you, who can provide you with amazing tips to get you through every step of the way.

We’ve even developed an online course to make it super simple for families to travel called Family Trips Made Easy. You’ll find more information about it on

Make some decisions

  • Do you want to go budget, mid-range or luxury?
  • Would you rather spend time in the city, mountains, beach, or outback?
  • Are you looking for action, adventure, relaxation, fun with friends/family, culture, nature, volunteering, or just time to explore somewhere new with your family?
  • Where you want to go?
  • How long can you go away for? Is it worthwhile seeing if you can go for longer?
  • If you can’t decide where you want to go, scour the pages of Travel with Boys and our sister website Trip Chiefs for inspiration. Write a list to help you narrow it down.

Family Travel Tips

1:  Look at travel from a different perspective. Dragging your boys through endless museums, temples or shops isn’t going to win you any favours, however working out what’s important to you and to them, and mixing it all together can make for a very happy holiday.

2:  Keep in mind that travelling with kids needs to be slower than the average itinerary you’ll find for solo and couple travellers.

3:  Talk to a great travel agent. They can be the most amazing help and are totally worth it when you’re travelling with a family. Have an idea when the cheap flights come out and talk to your travel agent beforehand.

4:  Work out a rough idea of what it will cost and how long it will take you to save up the money. Your main costs will be transport and accommodation as well as activities and food.

5:  Look to stay in apartments or houses to give you a bit of space and sanity. It will also allow you to buy your own food and do some cooking which will save you money. Check out our favourite sites and Airbnb.

We think the benefits of travelling with kids far out way any discomforts and bumps along the way. We hope this has given you bucket loads of inspiration to go out there and see what the world has to offer you. 

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